without affecting the surface of your skin  

treatment for all skin types

black and all other ink colors


If your tattoo:

-simply isn’t you anymore!
-represents a specific time of your life and you would like it removed!
-represents now only negative!
-is just a bad memory!
-was a big mistake!
-was a youthful mistake!
-was done on a whim!
-fills you with regret!
-was done on impulse!
-is not trendy anymore!
-is simply not what you want anymore!
-has lost it’s shape!
-was flawed!
-is embarassing you!
-only brings you regrets!
-disappoints you!
-is all about an old flame!
-takes up too much space!
-needs to be modified!
-needs to be replaced with a new one!
-has not changed but you did!

You can count on us. We have solutions for you. We have the
expertise and the best laser technology are to fade your tattoo
to cover up it with another tattoo or to remove some details
of your tattoo accurately or to delete it completely according
to your desire.




Effacetattoo.com offers you a Free CONSULTATION and a Free TRIAL with no obligation on your part. These few minutes with us will help you know the cost of your treatments, and will allow you to experience a tattoo removal session and witness the difference in your tattoo. 

The cost is calculated using the tattooed area only. Effacetattoo.com will propose several payment options to suit your budget.

-get one free treatment by choosing one of our many packages
-you can choose to pay for individual treatments if you prefer
-no interest plans

Contact us and we will find the payment option that suits you best. We have even more options to offer you.


Tattoo removal has never been so easy

For a long time, the process of tattoo removal has involved an endless series of treatments (acid, excision, dermabrasion, laser ablative CO2) that are often painful, with mixed results and risks of scarring and pigmentation problems. Then appeared the Q-Switched laser that allowed the removal of unwanted tattoos simply and quickly.

Our laser tattoo removal RevLite SI Q -Switched Nd: Yag is approved by the FDA and Health Canada. It has four laser wavelengths and targets all colors; even colors notoriously difficult to treat such as greens and blues. Lasers remove ink, by targeting pigments with a high intensity light beam, causing fragmentation of the pigment into smaller molecules. The ink is then discharged through the natural processes of the human body, until the tattoo is no longer visible.

5 to 12 treatments are usually needed to get visible results. Most treatments generally last from 1 to 30 minutes. They don’t require any interruptions in your daily activities.

To increase your comfort and make your experience more enjoyable, we use a cooling system during treatments.

Because we believe in the efficiency of our technology, be assured that we will go to great lengths to insure your entire satisfaction!


Clinical data

ConBio , a Cynosure company , is a recognized industry leader, whose Q-Switched technologies have been the subject of several clinical studies .

Clinical Studies

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